The Death of Nexus

Rumors continue to swirl around about the demise of the Nexus program. While only time will tell if this is indeed true, let's consider some reasons why it may be coming to an end.

1. Alienating OEMs.

It should be obvious that some Android OEMs feel as though they can't make significant inroads in the tablet space thanks to Google heavily subsidizing their Nexus tablets. Its hard to compete against Googles pricing while still making a profit.

2. No Real Profit.

Again, another obvious point. Google is making so little on the Nexus devices that it's almost not worth the headache of watching over its operation and maintenance. Sure, they have the money and resources, but the time spent on it could be better spent else where.


3. Cheapskates.

Google had a great idea of wanting to get handsets in everyone's hands and developing apps for Android. Doing the Nexus program was aimed at that cause.

Sadly, this hasn't been the case entirely.

Google has unfortunely trained some people to expect high end devices at rock bottom prices. And once a device is seen as 'cheap' it can never gain traction with the mainstream crowd. Even if the device isn't.

This has begun to irk me personally every time I read comments that even suggest that the Nexus devices will see an increase in price. Even last year, many complained about the price of the Nexus increasing.

This attitude of being entitled to low prices is part of the reason Google may consider dropping their Nexus program. It's not a substitutable business plan in any shape or form.


As a side note, when some Android users complain about prices, it's no wonder that Apple continues to be seen as a premium brand. Its more than aluminum and glass that makes a brand valuable. Its perception as well.