I started a blog: writing about tech

When I initially wrote 29 Days with Android, and The Verge was kind enough feature me on their front page, many people asked me if I had my own blog. I didn't. If I'd been smart - or if I'd known what kind of reception that post was going to receive - I probably would've started one. Alas, spilt milk.

Still, as they say, better late than never, and so I've gone ahead and staked out my own little corner of the web for my ramblings on tech news, gadgets, and gaming. I have dubbed it writing about tech, because I am really bad at coming up with names, and it can be found at the URL of the same name: http://www.writingabouttech.com/

Anyway, I suppose that's enough self-promotion. At some point, the content has to speak for itself - and I think, in the coming months, it will. Hope to see some of you there!