My Surface Pro 3 Experience

I got mine on Saturday and let me say that I have grown to like this device but it has definitely been not to my expectations. I realize this might be a bit nit-picky and short sighted and I have only used it for 2 days. Also I am comparing some things to the experience I have on my Dell XPS 12 (now my Dads)

1. Connected Standby doesn’t work. I thought that if the tablet goes to sleep my music will still play but apparently not. (Apparently a Spotify issue and not a driver issue; works in the Modern Music App)

2. Randomly half-way through my usage (maybe after an update) the media controls/brightness/charms keys only work after pushing the fn button and by default they do f1-f12. When I started it was the other way around. Is there a way to change this easily? (OK fixed with fn + caps lock)

3. The loop that was to go on the type cover to hold the pen is already falling off. Hoping to get a replacement at the MS store soon.

4. The start button in charms doesn’t line up with the start button on the side bezel.

5. The kickstand has a bit too much friction imo (maybe that’s just me)

6. The Type Cover falls off so much. I lift the tablet and it falls off. THIS IS NOT OK. My surface RT/touch cover doesn’t do this.

7. The Pen is fine (I haven’t used it much yet, my classes start next week) although I am really worried about the battery going into the future.

8. After the Type Cover has the magnet-flap and is in the angled position, the swipe from top/bottom becomes hard.

9. Keyboard is nothing extraordinary (hated it at first but it has grown on me)

10. Still a bit heavy for me. And the fan does start whirring some times and it heats up.

11. WHY DOESNT IT TURN ON WHEN I FOLD THE COVER DOWN. I HAVE TO PULL THE COVER DOWN AND PUSH THE POWER BUTTON?!?!????? If it can go to sleep after I put the cover up then why not the other way around?

12. I expected more from the speakers. I think it was the reviews which said they were (almost unanimously) good. But they don't compare to the ones on the Dell XPS 12 (which are also known to be very good). They start distorting after 60. THEY AREN'T BAD by any means but not as good as I was hoping for.

Some of this should be fixed with firmware but it should not have been released with this problem. And also many of these problems did not exist on the Surface RT like the surface RT turns on when you bring the touch cover down without hitting the power button.

1. I really really like the touchpad. Its small but finally having precision and flawless pinch to zoom (almost mac quality) is great. I also really like the backlight. It has good levels (3) that I find perfect and the glow is just perfect. Much better than the Dell XPS 12 I have imo.

2. Screen is good. Can’t say much more since I don’t know much more about color accuracy and etc. but there are enough pixels to make reading books really nice which is what I care about and black are deep.

3. Battery Life seems fine. I haven’t left it off the charger much yet (classes start next week) but it seems fine I would say around 6 hours

4. Performance is good but I might want to get a 8 GB RAM version later on (I don’t want to pay for the extra storage though)

5. I like the feel and build quality

All in All, I might keep it. See how it fits into my workflow. Currently I am thinking of returning it but the firmware issues are taken care of and I get used to some of the stuff then maybe I'll keep it. Not that impressive right now but I haven’t used it mobile much yet. Just sitting at home.