College Student Laptop Purchase

As a college student (computer science) looking to get a new machine before the school year starts, I want to make sure I get something as future-proof as possible. That being said, I want to make sure I have whatever Mac I get before I start up school at the end of August. Rumors are pointing to a Q3 2014 Refresh for the Mac lineups, but that could be soon or far away depending on what Apple does. The question is, do I get a current-gen Mac now, or wait for as long as it takes to get the refresh, even if it pushes into late this year? If I were buying it today, I would probably get the 15" Retina Pro with the Nvidia Graphics Card, as this will be my machine for everything, and if I wait I will probably get something comparable to that.

TL;DR: Get a mac now or wait for new ones for school?