The Google I/O conference is ostensibly meant for developers, but the reality is that there are always important products announced there. Every year we expect big things from the company that has become much more than a search giant. Two years ago we witnessed the wild hijinks of co-founder Sergey Brin leaping out of a zeppelin to demonstrate Google Glass, while last year brought us an array of incremental updates to Google’s products and CEO Larry Page’s whispered dreams of a private, unregulated utopian island.

This year, expectations are high for Android, the phone operating system that’s taken the world by storm. It seems pretty clear that Google is looking beyond the phone, with plans to put it on your wrist, your TV, and in your car. But Android is just one of the many things Google works on. There’s Chrome, there’s search; there are web apps and internet-delivering balloons and mysterious plans to get humans to live forever.

There’s no way that Google can cram all of that into June 25th’s two-hour keynote, but the year’s biggest nerd party will nonetheless be an assault of new technologies and, hopefully, new products. Here are 11 things to watch out for at Google I/O this year.