Windows Hybrids: All About Choices

With OEMs experimenting new form factors and sizes, we have seen an increasing availability of Windows 8 powered hybrid devices, designed to offer a balance between your laptop and your tablet, on a scale that goes from pure tablet styles all the way up to more traditional laptop form factors.

OS platforms supporting multi-OEMs solution, such as Windows and Android, offer normally a wider gamut of options and choices in terms of hardware. With each different OEM pushing its own idea, the possibility for end-users to find a device tailored on their specific needs are greatly increased (there are obviously different advantages to have a direct control over hardware and software, such as Apple has, but this post’s goal isn’t about that, rather a discussion on the Hybrid concepts and offerings).

One of the things though that strikes me when I read comments (and sometimes bloggers posts and reviews, too) about hybrids is this common idea that, one day, a single hybrid solution should be able to cover the entire spectrum of consumer/business needs, finding a sort of magical perfect balance between crossing form factors. Even actual supporters of the hybrid concept sometimes believe in this same idea.

The fact is, there’s no need for one "winning" option, neither there’s a need to level all users requests to one common, shared solution. Surface Pro line can be effective for some, others will prefer the Transformer family solution, others like myself will go for a laptop first form factor such as the one offered by Vaio Flip and Yoga families. There’s no need to have "one-size-fits-all" solution. We all have different needs and we should be more than happy to have different choices. In fact, the only outcome of searching for a perfect universal device is that you surely will never find it. You could though find the perfect device for you.

And here comes the main reason for this post to exist; to provide a visual reference for different form factors in the hybrid everyday-changing world. There is no best/worst here, rather a presentation of the options available for us out there and organized on a scale, from a Pure-Tablet form factor to a Classic-Laptop form factor.

(This is clearly my personal stab at it, please share your consideration).