SP3: Close but no cigar, anyone else still undecided?

When the SP3 was unveiled I was damn excited, my dream of having one device nearly came true. I am happy with the SP3 keyboard, screen and kickstand. Alas I am still in two minds if I should buy one.

I bought the Surface RT on day one when it came out, alongside my 8 year old desktop PC running Windows 8 it was all I needed. But then things took a tragic turn when my desktop PC became unreliable and started rebooting randomly alter few hours of use. All signs pointed to a motherboard on its last legs.

So for the last two years I have been using my Surface RT as my daily driver, this in itself proves how productive WinRT is I am surprised I have managed with it thus far.

I knew the SP1 and SP2 were not quite right and required a redesign and improvements so I waited and waited hoping SP3 will be the answer.

It basically comes down to battery life....I have thought very long and hard trying to be objective whilst not getting wrapped up in the marketing and geek lust.

SP3 wont offer me with a days worth of battery life when you consider it will be my desktop, tablet and laptop. This is my dilemma.....I need a device that will last me a day doing a range of heavy duty tasks e.g. encoding video, PhotoShop RAW images and tablet type stuff like games, reading and surfing.

According to Anandtech SP3 managed 3.75 hours - 7.6 hours of when doing heavy loaded notebook type tasks on a single charge and 7.58 - 8.03 hours of continuous usage when doing lighter tablet type tasks.

Considering SP3 will be used all day as a tablet and laptop I reckon with my usage I will only be able to get about 5-6 hours usage. This I can't live with.

So maybe I might just wait another year for Broadwell SP4...

(this post was made on my Surface RT)