The GOkey

I want to tell you guys about this indiegogo campaign because of how useful it is and it may be right for you!

It's a...

  • Charger that lasts 2 hours, is micro USB or lightning for use on most phones and charge info
  • Cable that connects your phone to a USB outlet to charge or to sync your phone to your computer
  • USB 3.0 flash drive that stores 8, 16, or 32 GB and can be secured with a password
  • Locator for your keys using Bluetooth or GPS and can make your phone ring when lost

More features may be added if funds reach certain levels.

Use this link to see some pics, find out more, and purchase it:

I found this to be a great gadget for me as I can carry more in less space and it seems convenient. Hope it comes soon! I have nothing to do with the creation, I would just like people to hear it from me so I could get a discount while helping others! I have not tried it yet, as it should ship January of next year.

BTW the fundraiser ends in 11 days (July 3, 2014).