help! power button stuck!

A little background. I have an iPod nano 6th gen that I've been using as a watch since early 2011. Not a single problem since. That is, until now. My power/wake/lock button no longer makes that tactile *click* sound that it used to. Its almost like its stuck o something is making it so it can't be pushed down. Since it happened suddenly and it was not near anything that could damage it, I figured I'd do some research. Turns out, it's a huge issue with this design. This sort of thing happens often. Unfortunately, its no longer 2011. My warranty is long gone. What should I do? I don't want to buy those new crappy nanos. I love this design and using at as a watch is awesome. Do you think they'll repair it (there are vudoes on YouTube on how to do it but I'd rather not risk it myself). How much do you think they'll charge. Also, one minor gaffe on my part, the watch case I have is the lunatik and it requires screws. The tightening thing has long since been lost so am I out of luck? Just to be clear, the ipod still works, just the button is very difficult to press and actually wake the thing up.