Surface Pro 4 Design Concept

I like the SP3 so much and was wondering what the next version should be. My ideas:

- Double the speakers to increase volume level further (white arrows in pic)

- Shift the keyboard upwards and reduce the height of number keys to accommodate a bigger and wider touchpad (black arrows in pic)

- Obviously the newer Intel processors would allow a fanless design.

- I don't get the logic behind putting ports and buttons on all edges of a device by many manufacturers, so, shift the Displayport, USB, headphone jack, and the buttons along the charging port. This would create clean lines across the top and left edge. Also, the keyboard attachment port on bottom can be shifted behind the flap/stand. Why I want these is to have a flap perpendicular to the flap/stand (blue shaded part in pic) so that when used as a tablet, there would be no open ports at all. This could thus be a waterproof tablet as well, such as Sony's Z series.



What else can be modified?!