An Ideal Television

There are a lot of so called Smart TV’s in the market at the moment which aren’t all that great. The current system of watching TV is broken for a lot of reasons but there’s one reason why it is no longer engaging enough: There’s a lot of good content on the web, which these the television has failed to embrace.

I prepared a small chart on what are the essentials that an ideal television should offer: Idealtv_medium

Apple’s got a good chance of offering a lot of content in this flow chart through its existing services. They’ve got a good TV Shows & Movies collection to offer and with iOS they’ve got a really good shot at the games section as well.

Also the Beats deal could help them with curation of Movies & Music Videos (Jimmy Iovine seamed excited about curation and specifically movie curation at the Re/Code Conference last month).

Apple has proven its ability to simplify a device’s features to a point that its got a very well defined function and use and they’ve got these simple interfaces with little learning curve involved. If there were a company making such an ideal television I’d want Apple to make it.

P.S. If there’s something I’ve missed something in the flow chart do mention in the comments.