Editorially Joins Vox Media

Some cool news about the Vox Product team has just been released: the three founders of Editorially have joined Vox Media and will be working on huge iterations and advancements for Chorus, our publishing platform. This will mean great new tools for our editorial staffs and even better experiences for our readers.

Pair that with Verge 2.0, and we've got a big summer ahead.

You can read about this from the perspective of the Editorially founders as well.

One goal, among those the team has identified for this year, stands out: a commitment to evolving the editorial workflow. That workflow encompasses everything from short posts written by sports fans to deeply researched and edited pieces; from articles that are mostly words to those that prominently feature video and interactive graphics; and from work that originates in the many Vox Media editorial teams to work from their in-house agency, Vox Creative.

Big things are coming!