The Competition: What You Like

We argue so much about what we have that's better, but let's be honest: The competitors have advantages we would like to have as well right?

So let's be humble and acknowledge those things. I'll start.

1. Apples iCloud, while still in its infancy, is a superior option when it comes to syncing system settings and app settings and data. I have to root to be able to get these features on my Android devices.

2. 3rd party accessories. C' one can deny this point. By only making a few devices, it's really easy for 3rd parties to pump out various add on's for the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Only the Galaxy Line comes close. And it's still a big gap.

3. Good hardware. While I and many others continue to long for a large screened iPhone, mostly people think that the current iPhone is a fine device. I'm still disgusted by the sharp edges on it, but that and the screen size aside, its good.

Those are just my thoughts. What's are yours? Does the competition offer anything you wish we could have?