The Competition: What You Like

We argue so much about what we have that's better, but let's be honest: The competitors have advantages we would like to have as well right?

So let's be humble and acknowledge those things. I'll start.

1. Various hardware. You can't deny that the options available to customers wanting an Android device is vast. Almost any need you may have can be found in an Android device. (Unfortunately, getting a smaller device is becoming scarce.)

2. Making a device truly yours. Whether you like widgets or think their useful or not, its clear that many use them to differentiate their devices from others. It goes a long way to putting info you personally consider important front and center.

3. Sharing. Though iOS 8 will solve this lacking (FINALLY) it's been so great to send various items wherever I want by means of whatever app I want.

Those are just my thoughts. What's are yours? Does the competition offer anything you wish we could have?