Could Android's L release be 'Lego'?

So, was thinking about this today.

Theory: Google shift from dessert/candy names to either a) product endorsements b) toys (which would probably include product endorsements).

Why would they do this? Same reason as Apple moverd from big cats to places in CA - because the changes in OS X necessitated the change. It's the same here with Android. L is expected to be a huge release with a lot of changes, both for Google's platform on top of Android, the design language, and Android itself (ART).

If they do this, I hope they ditch the version numbers. They're essentially pointless now. Whenever they release a new update, just make it "an update to Android Lego" or "Android gets updated to Android N___".

Lastly, imagine the endorsements they could do with Lego. Every I/O attendee at I/O gets a lego Android kit. A Lego minifig outside Building 44 at Google Campus. Etc etc.

I/O should be pretty cool tomorrow.

P.S. just some extra thoughts: check out the leaked shots of what's supposed to be the L release. The debugging icon in the top left looks suspiciously like blocks of Lego, doesn't it?