Google I/O 2014 Discussion

So, I don't know if anyone else is excited, but I must say that i'm extremely excited for Google I/O 2014!

So many possibilities on what could be shown. Android Wear, android TV, Glass, Robotics, New android update, smart watches, New Chrome OS, Pixel II, New nexus tablet, self driving cars, Etc. So since the live blog here doesn't have a comments section, feel free to treat this as a live thread during the conference.

As we ponder what might be announced, I ask you a question that you might have been asked before: If you could get one thing announced at Google I/O 2014, your most desired reasonable announcement from google, what would it be?

Mine would have to be a release of the next android, preview or not, at the end of I/O. I'm probably most excited for android wear. But I know that's coming, so I just have to wait for google (and Moto with their 360) to release it in all its glory. I truly believe that i'll be less attached to my phone when this comes around. No more slaving to my phone. Being able to reply to texts from my wrist when my hands are full, or when I'm working on a computer, is just one of the many conveniences I believe it could offer. Not to mention the proactive nature of google now, unparalleled mapping in google maps, and the possible extension for controlling your smart home, through nest. Should be exciting to see them revolutionize the smartwatch space. The world has been ready for years now, it just needed a platform like what google is offering, for it to truly take off. Overall, the anticipation is mounting. Let the countdown begin!