Messaging clutter - please give me a hub MS!

I don't know about you, but this is getting ridiculous - as of right now, i get messages on the following platforms on an at least weekly basis:


- 3 Email accounts

- Whatsapp

- Viber

- Facebook Messenger

- The occasional skype message

This is a full startscreen worth of apps that all have the same functionality more or less, are all looking the same, and could, in my opinion, make THE main selling argument for wp if MS managed to create a unified messaging hub! I'd love to have:

  • One Tile, ALL notifications for ALL messaging apps linked to the messaging hub
  • since all messaging apps are linked to (the same) contacts, a message thread across all platforms should be doable
  • Make it work like combined inboxes for email - i can add a messenger to the hub, anything else can be pinned seperately.

One can always dream, right?