Google hasn't exactly been successful at taking over the living room — Chromecast aside, its previous efforts have failed to capture much consumer interest. However, during the I/O 2014 keynote today, the company showed that it is ready to start fresh with Android TV. It's a new platform that combines live TV via your cable box or even an over-the-air antenna along with Android apps and services like Google Play to offer up a more simplified way to get content to your TV than the older Google TV model.

As shown on stage, Android TV is a much-simplified approach that focuses on having quick access to content you'll want to watch. The main area of the screen highlights suggested shows from Google Play and other apps you have installed. Scrolling down, you'll find every app you've added from the Google Play Store to your TV, and there's also a separate area for games. Those games can be controlled either with your Android phone or with a Xbox-style controller.

To get developers building for Android TV, the company is offering up reference hardware that it built itself: an Apple TV-style set-top box and game controller. In our brief experience trying it, we found the interface to be fast and fluid — jumping in and out of games and apps worked without a hitch, and being able to hit the Android home button at any time to get back to the main screen definitely made navigating easier.