Just bought a Nokia 630 (dual sim)

My old fellow dual-sim feature phone from Sammy started to show its age in the past months, so I decided it was time to search for a good replacement. Truth is, being a long time Android user I wanted to try Windows phone and the 630 appeared to be a perfect choice: new, Windows 8.1 onboard, dual sim, but cheap enough so I didn't mind to waste some money on it just for fun.

So here I am, I just took one yesterday in a shopping mall here in Riyadh and I'm now having fun with it.

Let me tell you, I really like the device. Hardware wise it's solid, the plastic feels good on touch, screen is sharp enough for me, colors and brightness on the good side. Camera isn't comparable to those in top end models, but considering the price is quite good, definitely the best you can get in this price range I believe.

But what really impresses me is the software side. As I said, I'm a long time Android user, albeit on the PC side of things I'm a Windows guy and one in love with directions taken by MS with Windows 8.

I came to WP knowing perfectly some of the limitations still present (mail app limitations, lack of apps compared to Android and iOS, etc..) but I have to say I'm really impressed with WP 8.1 The device is fast, smooth, multitasking and app resuming are instantaneous. I like the background with transparent tiles, as well as the way updates on tiles are managed on screen. It feels like an extension of my laptop start screen and it's something I really appreaciate, in terms of UI continuity. I'm a big fan of Android notification center and I'm happy to see something similar in WP 8.1

There are some things I feel missing from Android experience, such as bigger personalization in the notification area toggles, but all in all I think I could go with WP8.1 as my daily driver, if only Nokia/MS would release a phone with pen like my Note. That's probably the biggest thing keeping me from switching at the moment.

That said, I'm really impressed with the device and thinking I spent less than 100 Euro for it.. it's just insane.

Feel free to ask anything about the device and the experience, I will be glad to share.