We all knew that it was going to happen: Samsung is going down.

Samsung's Profits expectation

While still the dominant Android force by a large margin, Samsung's mobile devision is paying the price of an uninspiring design language, clunky and useless software (TW), useless SoC (exynos) and not meaningful ecosystem at all, not to mention a lack of costumer support. (How are you, International Galaxy S3 buyers? How's kitkat?)

The fall is taking place to an extent that even the giant Samsung's electronics devision is seeing profits going down yearly and they almost exclusively blame smartphone sales. Even fanboy websites have no choice but to face the facts: Operational profit should go down 20%. Again.

Basically, the iPhone is only going to become stronger, and Chinese OEMs, together with well established OEMs upping their game, are eating the rest. Sooner rather than later, we can expect the same to happen to their tablet devision. The Galaxy brand lost the power it once had, thanks to exaggerated marketing and too many devices and form factors.

If things keep going like this (there's nothing samsung can do, anyway), the Android arena will soon look like a graveyard. Besides Samsung, no one profits from it, but maybe it will open room for others.

What awesome news! Samsung's dominance was holding Android back.

So yeah, let's blame plastic.