To Bridge or not to Bridge?

Hi All,

I'm kinda in two mind sets. I'm new-ish to photography so i don't the pros and cons of a bridge/DSLR camera. I would like to buy camera buy the end of this year. My price range is around £300 so i would like to know what the forum thinks of bridge cameras. I want to start off by just taking photos then move onto short videos so video capability is a plus.

I've had a look at the sony nex range and i can't tell a huge difference from the cameras though the nex-5 caught my eye. Since i've only used a dslr and not owned one i know my way around a dslr but not how to buy the right one.

So i what a basically need help on is some ideas of whats out there and which is good. I've only played around with some lens so i know the basics.