The New Android... But does it Matter?

Sup Geeks,

Let me start by saying I think the redesign of Android is gorgeous. It's simply beautiful. It reminds me of how iOS uses transitions and transparency to give the user a sense of place. The new "Material" is simply awesome and the much needed change I wrote about awhile ago when I discussed how Android UI was just too damn dark. - However, what makes me a bit sad and question if this really matters would be this one question; "Who's going to see this". Unlike Apple and Windows phone the general public will not see this beautiful work. They won't know there is a better way besides Samsung and HTC and LG. How many Nexus devices do you see on the streets. My hope is that the OEMs take a Motorola Leasson and give us the features.... Without all the redesigning. Which we all know won't happen.

- Android Wear is awesome and I actually see people getting their hands on that. Kinda like Chrome Cast took off. I wonder how well it will play with iOS etc.

- I like Android Auto but I don't see it being that successful , at least not early on.

I'm wishing Google the best. The new design of Android is the best ever, I almost like it more that iOS. Almost. I just wish more people could see it and use it.