Google I/O Live Blog

What's up with comments like this in the live blog?

"Man, there are queries that are taking over 200 milliseconds. That's like, forever. But there's cloud tracing, which lets you see that you're doing datastore queries in sequence instead of in parallel. Rookie mistake. Do it all as one operation. ....Yeah, it's like that in here right now."

"This is going to make the previous hour and a half look like mainstream pop music. This is going to be nerdy. Just be ready and remember, we always told you that this would be a developer conference."

"We're moving from code to data. Good thing we're talking data and analytics, that'll be way easier to understand than code."

"Wait, we're talking about analytics pipelines and cloud data flow."

"Or rather, Cloud Dataflow, which lets you create data pipelines for ingesting arbitrarily large datasets. I cannot help you here, except that Eric Schmidt is on stage."

"Which about how deployment of virtual machines and the dataflow API oh nevermind this is just too much. How about them protestors earlier?"

".apply(new OutputAvergeToBigQuery()); I mean come on, this is so obvious guys."

So... You do know you're covering a developer conference, right? On behalf of myself and other developers who applied for tickets to I/O but didn't win the lottery, we'd be glad to take your press pass from you for I/O 2015.