Biggest Takeaway From I/O : Expansion of the Android Ecosystem

I've always kind of thought that android was stuck in this mobile space. With the need of either apple or Microsoft, to complete all the needs of a tech enthusiast. But after I/O, I think its pretty clear that google is caring less and less about apple or Microsoft, through the advancement and unification of their own ecosystem: Android.

I think the most significant and most applaud worthy aspect of I/O, was the polish of android on every level, the expansion of android, and the unification of these expansions, all in one full swoop. From little things such as android wear, and the simplicity of doing multiple actions from your smartwatch like replying to people, following recipes, controlling your android TV, or ordering food. And having them mirror on your android device if the app is open. Android TV's complete unification with android and the perk of having the knowledge of google search, android games, and an extremely elegant layout. Androidauto, which gives you the ability to take that same design language from your phone, TV, and watch, to your car as well. Lastly, the unification with your chromebook, getting calls and text notifications of your android device, on your laptop, etc. As well as including little touches such as the ability to unlock your chromebook when your android phone is in proximity. This is extremely significant to me because now I can have an extremely long and secure password, that I never have to enter each and every time I use my computer. This convenient feature can also work on your phone if you use a smartwatch.

Leading me to my main point, which you probably already came to mind after reading the previous paragraph, the unification and expansion of android. I think with the addition of android TV, androidauto, android wear and the update of google docs; as well as fleshing out android in every aspect with Android L, I believe that now more than ever, Android is becoming the most unified and expanded platform available at the moment. A platform in which it's next venture will be in your home, through nest. It's probably not fair, since its all one android, or rather, "androidone". While apple is fragmented between two with ios and osx, or Microsoft with RT, x86, and WP. But I do give credit to google for being able to expand androids functionality in these many different areas, while also radically redesigning android at a fundamental level as well.

It is without a doubt the best I/O yet, and I couldn't be more excited for the android platform going forward! What was your biggest takeaway from I/O?