After the I/O keynote today I (insert thoughts here)

I personally was very underwhelmed today; in the past year I have very much thought about converting from my iPhone 5 to a Nexus/Silver device this fall but after today I have zero intentions. A few reasons why:

  • The new design language seems very uninspired to me; in the past I have really liked the design of stock Android but that was all ruined today. I could design a phone OS with a colored menu bar and a white screen.
  • I can't stand how vague Google is with their TV aspirations. When I bought an Apple TV I know it works with my Apple gear. Had I instead bought a Chromecast I would now be encouraged to buy a Google TV because ????
  • Lack of Google made products - there were no Nexus devices announced today. Google seems to change their mind on what they want from their flagship line so often it would freak me out to buy one.
Either way today cemented my decision to stick with Apple entirely and I am very excited for September when the 5.5" iPhone comes out.