Tribe's Opinion On... (A Google Related Thread)

Tribe's Opinion on Google I/O

So now that all is said and done what do you think of what Google has shown us today? We've seen improvements to Android, ChromeOS, new developments on the Android Wear situation, Google TV and a new design language. Personally I think I was most impressed by the continuity like features brought to ChromeOS, as a Chromebook owner I think it is a great way to implement Android apps without having them run natively on the Chromebook itself. I'm not entirely sure about this new design language, I think the depth mixed with the flat design kind of contradicts itself, and some of the icons looked a bit questionable, but that's my two cents. I'm not really sold on smart watches yet, but I think Google clearly has the best vision of what they should be so far and I think if anything will make smart watches mainstream it will be Android Wear. I don't know if Android TV is as great a solution as the cheap, easy and portable Chromecast, but we'll see how it does in the coming years (if Google doesn't replace this as well). So what are your thoughts? Praise, insight, questions, otherwise? What is the Tribe's opinion on Google I/O?