Raw Photos in Android!!

Advanced camera capabilities — A new camera API gives you new capabilities for image capture and processing. On supported devices, your app can capture uncompressed YUV capture at full 8 megapixel resolution at 30 FPS. The API also lets you capture raw sensor data and control parameters such as exposure time, ISO sensitivity, and frame duration, on a per-frame basis.


This has me pretty excited! Details are sparse, but it sounds like the API will let apps do the raw processing, so that you aren't limited importing phone photos into lightroom like a weirdo (like you are with those nokias). I'm pretty excited to see what the likes of snapseed and VSCO can do when they aren't fighting against overcooked jpg files. Android photography is finally going to have a real chance to shine; never having to see HTC's horrifying attempts at noise reduction ever again will be a wonderful thing. I hope google and the OEMs don't screw this up.