And the best Android smartphone is...

Sony Xperia Z2

Having owned iPhone 5s, Galaxy Note 3, older BlackBerry and Lumia, I truly believe that I have almost found the ultimate smartphone.

Sony has launched an updated design of the omni balance design language, with a stunning display, a 3200 mA battery (yes, like in the Note 3), 3gb of Ram (again like in the Note 3) all together with a very consistent Android software experience. UI is very clean.

The size is the maximum for one handed usage, bigger than that would reach the phablet territory. Coming from a Note 3, the Z2 is just less wide.

I have never been 100% satisfied by my smartphone equipment, as I was always missing something. With the Z2, I have the battery life, the screen size, the thin design, the magnetic charger that compensates for the lack of built-in wireless charging solution, the water resistant feature and a software that doesn't bring any annoying extra feature or UI.

The battery life is better than the one I got with The Note 3, and the stamina mode increases it slightly. I can't believe this device doesn't more coverage.

On top of that, for the Americans scared about Sony's brand, Sony's sales are rising in Asia and Europe, eg. 2nd smartphone vendor in India and third in France.