Verge predicts Skynet, the people rise up and protest the very next day

This is such a publicity train wreck for google you really couldn’t make this up.

As Josh noted on the wrap up live show, the Verge published this yesterday.

Then the next day there are protests outside and inside the Google IO

Pretty much every news organisation is reporting this line…

Google Conference interrupted by protester claiming Google ‘builds robots that kill people’

At one point the BBC ran a video with the actual headline "Killer robot protestor at Google IO"... stuff the new OS and watches, this is real news.

It’s hilarious. Apple must be peeing in their pants.

Imagine being in the debrief after the presentation and everyone thinking "WTF just happened?" The first guy that got interrupted sort of held his own, but the second guy was really thrown by it.

Next year - riot police and a bunch of google staffers in the audience.