Smartwatch? Not that smart and too much watch

No matter how good looking the moto 360 is compared to other smartwatches on the market… Altogether I’m not sold on this idea of a smartwatch. IMO I doesn’t provide anything useful:

  • Notifications? Come on, eventually we have to take it out of our pocket to take action… and lets be honest, most of the time we have the phone in our hands (hopefully I’m not the only phone-addicted…)
  • Weather? Kinda looks cool, but in the end doesn’t offer anything new that my phone isn’t already providing perfectly?
  • Maps? Hell yeah, the only thing I’ve ever wanted on a watch /s. At least Directions looks nifty

IMO the only compelling feature of these smartwatches is telling the time (thats innovation). It works always, except… you know when they have to be charged (which appears to be necessary too often)

The only real case of use might really be sports, where a big, chunky phone is disturbing. With rumors heading towards Apple focusing on these areas they might provide something more compelling than these devices software and hardware-wise.

I think Apple will us show a departure of the idea of replicating a watch but hopefully we’ll see in October...

What are your takes on android wear and a possible iWatch?