Moto 360 looks like the future.


I was skeptical but it seems Motorola is going to pull this device off. I'm not talking about the software (so please don't comment on it here). I'm purely talking about the design and screen tech.

Let's put aside the shape for a second. The way the pixels actually touch the bezel and completely fill the glass area is wonderful. I'm not faulting the small bottom piece because this is still reality. But this is how concepts have been designed forever. Part of this is new screen tech and part a design choice. The first iPhone got pretty close by wrapping the bezel over the edges of the actual sheet of screen material. I image something similar is happening here. However, the metal bezel is still very thin. There is also no 2mm space between the bezel and the pixels like you see on any smartphone. Like I said those pixels actually touch the physical bezel surrounding the glass, EPIC!

Then of course the round shape. To me this is less exciting. If this had the same size glass bezel as the LG G Watch the shape would be less impressive. It's the combination that make it seem like the next step in device design possibilities. The only thing I would really change is reducing the diameter and thickness. Both of which I think Apple could do because of their proven ability to create smaller hardware then competitors. I'm not saying Apple will make a device with this form factor, just the by Motorola going this far, they certain could go the rest of the way to a perfect round smart watch.

Basically the future seems bright for screen hardware design. Many of those pipe dream concepts are actually possible now. I will be having some fun creating some concepts and will certainly share so you guys can see what I'm so excited about.

Oh, and keep the conversation to the physical hardware implications. I don't care about the competing Android and iOS smart watch implementations at this point.