Finally a watch that doesn’t try to look like it’s coming from the future.

The "next big thing" is now "this big thing". Wearables, right?

It is here now. In all of its round-resolution glory.

My 3 cents on the resolution

By the way. How do you measure a circle resolution?
Where we had 1280 × 720 or 1920 × 1080 pixels displays, we are probably going to measure our smartwatches resolutions in something like 720 pixels-in-diameter.

The full resolution is going to be a bit harder than before to calculate; not that we need the whole number of pixels in our display that frequently, though.
Pi × (vertical-or-horizontal-resolution/2)^2 is not going to be accurate. If we use a 720p diameter resolution as an example (which I consider plausible), this formula will output 40,7150.408 total pixels, which is not acceptable as a result.

Unless they use a trick.


They can either raise the pixel density a lot… It has to be really high not to give the user a sense ofpolygonality. Neologism. You’re welcome.

… Or they can fill the corners with fractions of pixels. Slices of pixels, actually. Which is quite crazy to think about, but would solve the problem of "something-point-something-pixels-resolution".

My 2 cents on the design.

I would not wear a Galaxy Gear.

Why do smartwatches have to look futuristic?

360's design is perfect for this precise moment. Or time, if you prefer.
But let’s think about it: isn’t this a feature of good design itself?


To be the right design for this moment?

As I wrote in the title, Moto 360 didn’t try to travel here from the future. It didn’t show up with green and blue Tron-aiming neon-looking lights, or translucent Avatar-like reminiscence.

It is born now, and people won’t give it a suspicious look.

The last cent I’ve got is about pricing.

Motorola. Lenovo. If you’re reading, listen to me. Price 360 low. You can’t create a standard in any other way. Also, if you do price it low, I promise it’ll be under everyone’s Christmas tree.


I’m not going to cover its functionality. As you may have noticed, I only mentioned the fact that Moto 360 is round.
It will probably serve just as a more useful Google Now.

Last things last, I’m going to buy the leather one. Suits me more.