Could titles of Verge articles be improved?

I find the titles of many articles on The Verge to be very confusing at times, and don't seem to give me a clear idea of what the article is going to be about. Sometimes, they seem to focus more on a bit of wit (not to say they don't succeed) or an eye catching title, than helping me really understand what is in the article. This usually just ends with me not clicking on the article. Let me provide an example. One of the recent titles was,

"Hey, remember that time when Google accidentally made skynet."

When I first read this, I thought, what in the world are they talking about. It honestly just sounded crazy so I never read it. I later found it out it was a relatively interesting parody piece on how Google's ecosystem has become all encompassing, and how it has began to resemble Skynet. Here's how I might have renamed it.

"How Google's ecosystem is beginning to resemble SkyNet."

Sure its more boring, but I'd rather have boring that crazy. Maybe this piece isn't the best example, because it was more of a joke piece by the looks of it anyways, but still, I just wish the titles on this site were more simple, and helped me understand what the piece was about in more detail.

Other offenders include, "The edge of the Abyss: exposing the NSA's all seeing machine." "The cault of Cthulu: real prayer for a fake tenticle." "Is technology scrambling my babies brain."

Its just like relax a little, come off that journalistic acid, and tell me what it is the world you want to talk about, as If i were just some average person on the street, not some conspiracy theorist junky.

All the above criticism is meant to be constructive, and I don't mean to insult the creators of this sites quality work. Also, this is all only my opinion and could be the only one that wants the change. If that is the case, carry on.