Surface 2 is dead

So now we have S2 and SP3 in the store. Any advantages of S2 over SP3. YES! Price and... and... yyyy. That would be all. I know that price is a strong factor, but 64 GB S2 is 550$ and 64 GB SP3 is only 250$ more. Same thinness, much more powerful chip, better kickstand, better aspect ratio, better type cover, active pen, full desktop, SSD instead of eMMC, better speakers, 2x more RAM. Did I miss something?

What's the point in buying S2 when there's slightly more expensive SP3? For me? There's none. They're redundant.

And that's the reason why Surface Mini exist and SHOULD exist. 350$ very thin and light tablet with active pen, great screen and Windows RT (plus few key modern apps in next months, including Gemini). Completely different form factor and market than SP3. No kickstand, no keyboard covers. Just consumption, games and note creation.

Makes sense or it's just me?