Android PC - Where's the Android split-screen/multi-window?

I like all the design stuff, but I hope Google doesn't lose track of *functionality*. Are they really going to allow iOS to become the more "advanced" mobile OS? Apple is rumored to get multi-window for iOS this fall, and I think they will continue to push for advanced functionality with iOS9 next year, too, like they did this year with iOS8.

Sure a lot of stuff has been about "catching up" with Android. But the point is iOS *has* pretty much caught up with Android - so the question is why is Android letting Apple catch up in functionality?! They should be 2 steps ahead as usual.

I also have to say that I'm not convinced about the Android apps in ChromeOS idea. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that was "oh boy, here goes the unbreakable ChromeOS security". Putting Android apps into ChromeOS is going to be a *very complex process*, which *a lot* of room for error. It's basically going to ruin ChromeOS's security simplicity, and my guess is it's going to invite a lot of loopholes of which hackers can take advantage.

I would've preferred they simply take Android into a more advanced/desktop direction, too. Think of it like with "Android TV", but "Android PC". OEMs have been trying to put Android on PC's for a long time. If you give them the choice between ChromeOS and Android on a PC, they'd much rather "go all in" with Android than with ChromeOS - but right now that's just *not practical*, because of the way Android works on a large screen right now, and because it has very little of the functionality of a desktop OS.

That doesn't mean I expected them to do this now, mainly because Sundar Pichai is the "Chrome guy", and I knew he'd never willingly try to put Android on PC's. He's too invested into Chrome/OS, and I actually expect him to *fight* against any serious proposal of pushing Android on the desktop, too. Which is a damn shame, because Android is already used by a *billion people*, and if it's anything that represents a *serious* threat to Windows on the desktop, it's Android, not ChromeOS.

If they want to put the nail in Microsoft's coffin, they really need to put Android to the desktop. This would also not end up ruining ChromeOS in the process by mixing the two together. Instead it would just grow naturally on the desktop. The hardware is also finally getting here for desktop use with the PC-class ARMv8 CPU's and OpenGL 4.4 GPU's, so there's little reason why they shouldn't be doing it.

So like with Android TV, I'd like to see Android PC be a superset of current Android in terms of interface mainly and advanced multi-tasking functionality, where most of the current phone/tablet apps "just work", and developers don't have to go through an awkward process of submitting custom Android apps to some sub-category of the ChromeOS store or whatever. That way seems so messy.