Wanting To Replace My Laptop... With Something?

I've got an Acer from 2011 currently, it's got an i7 etc and it still runs fine. But I need to sell it now, if I wait too much longer it won't be worth anything at all. I'm mostly excited for a metal build and an actually good display panel in my next machine.

I was originally wanting to replace it with a gaming machine, but I've been having a think and I think I should just quit gaming full stop. It's a time waster when I should be progressing in other areas of my life, music, knowledge, social etc.

Been looking at the retina macbooks, but their storage is abysmal and their specs don't look like they would be able to pixel push very well at all. So what kind of moderately powerful, metal build laptops with good screens are there for windows?

As an aside; a freind of mine has an iMac that he wants to get rid of. It's got a 3.06ghz Core 2 Duo, 512 vram, and 4gb ram. Is this worth considering if the price is real low? Is it going to run ok?