As soon as WP catches up... it falls behind (again)

Before you read, here's a bit about me: I currently live in the MS ecosystem and I'm very pleased. I have experience being fully immersed in Apple's ecosystem as well, and am pretty darn familiar with both. The only one I haven't been 100% committed to at any point is Google, but that's mostly due to my dislike of Android and that, well, Google creeps me out (and I don't know why). Currently using SP3 and Lumia 1520 along with the vast majority of MS's services (including XBone w/ XBL). Now on with the typical Tribe post.

As most of us know, Windows Phone 8.1 was a massive update that brought a lot of features that've seemed to always have been present on other platforms such as a voice assistant and a notification center. It really made WP feel more like a complete mobile OS, whether it be in beta or not. But with Apple introducing the latest updates to both iOS (and OS X), and Google showing off Android L (and Chrome OS) at I/O, many of us are left asking where MS was in the party (the answer is Build). Both of MS's biggest competitors were showing off things that WP never touched on. Things like:

  • Health tech

  • Wearables (explicitly Google as of right now, but we KNOW the iWatch is coming)

  • Car OS

...and my favorite

  • Bringing the Mobile OS and Desktop OS closer together

All of these things seem essential to complete MS's vision of a single OS for everything in your life. Now sure, I'm not expecting a watch that can run Office, but how about one with some live tiles and maybe some fitness tracking? Doesn't seem like that much of a stretch now does it? One of the biggest thing I missed when switching back from iPhone to WP was my Pebble. And it being "the year of the smartwatch" and all, how is it that we still haven't seen one smartwatch that works for WP? I know MS has some space in the automotive industry already with Sync (which I'm pretty sure Ford is getting away from anyhow), but don't you think it's time that they revamped that area? Cortana in the car, please. Plus, the biggest thing I miss from my Mac is not the trackpad, not the battery life, not even tags in Finder, but iMessage and Facetime. I loved not having to worry about using my phone when working on my laptop. Doing phone stuff on my computer was very pleasant. I'm even more envious knowing that with Yosemite that this extends to full fledged SMS and phone calls. These features just feel essential now that both Apple and even Google (with Android and Chrome OS) have blurred the lines between mobile and desktop.

I'm anxiously waiting the day where I can cast videos from my phone to my Xbox, run apps on my Surface and pick up where I left off on my phone in a pinch, stream Xbox Music and get reminders from Cortana while in the car, and shit, maybe even ask her when my appointment is from my wrist. All this seems elementary and so close yet so far away. The fact that MS's top competitors are so much closer and in some cases already there is quite frustrating as somebody who though WP8.1 would be what finally had MS caught up and contending.

I know that this has somewhat digressed away from the topic in the title, but I think my point has been made. I also know that the best is yet to come, as threshold is *just* 8-10 months away, but If these things aren't addressed in the next year or so, then I might have to swap back to Apple just for the iWatch Continuity. But I would miss live tiles so. Oh well.