Might Material Design deter ugly skinning by the likes of Samsung?

So with Material Design being so complex and dynamic, is there a chance it's so complex Samsung daren't skin it? They could of course still apply a skin as before, but it would be such a crazy stark drop in quality from what we're seeing from Google here that they may be persuaded not to.

Previously, it was cost-effective to skin Android because it provided some differentiation at a reasonable cost in user experience. The increased drop in user experience that would occur if Samsung were to skin Android L might deter masses of GUI skinning.

Maybe Samsung could build something that properly implements the new app switcher features and notifications area, but it just doesn't seem feasible that they could do that at all, let alone that it'd be cost-effective in terms of the UX drop.

Also, with the ability for apps to specifically make the top bar transparent, and the sheer simplicity of the interface, skinning this would hardly even do anything!

Samsung knows that design is all about compromise. Surely they'll see that Google has pushed it so far, the compromise is too great.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here, or has Google just made a great move by making the UI more complex?