I don't get the point of Android Wear

I watched the Google IO keynote where they showed a demo of android wear. I was actually more excited to hear about this then i was about Google Glass (which they never brought up in the keynote). As i begun to watch the keynote i became bored out my mind especially with the demo of Android Wear. They didn't sell the product to me at all, they couldn't say how this help with my everyday life and it just seemed like a solution in search of problem. Moto 360 watch do look nice so don't get me wrong but the whole android wear concept just lost me. All it seem like was just a notification portal to my phone and more then likely I'm probably just gonna check my phone anyway because more then likely its gonna be in my hand. I don't get the remote control for you phone concept and I don't think google knows what it really wants to do with it neither.

When Apple announced the iPad in 2010 they had several developers on stage to showcase the apps for the iPad before it got released to build momentum. Apple does it every developer conference and Google didn't have a single developer to showcase android wear and it make me feel they just putting the sdk out of fear that apple will get a head start. Just like Ballmer did weeks before iPad was announced with the Hp slate that crashed and burned. We don't even know if apple gonna even come out with a smartwatch so I'm not gonna go into the "just wait until apple announce theirs". I do believe wearable computing is the future and in some ways i do believe android wear is more compelling then Google Glass but as of right now I'm not sold on the whole smartwatch idea. If I'm missing something then please help me figure it out.