Why Google is actually losing in emerging markets and why Android One is a fail

The problem with Android is that most new users of Android in the world aren't using Play services. Just look at the growth of Gmail compared with the growth of mobile web use. Most users of Android smartphones are touching the Google ecosystem at all.

I just came back from Shanghai where I had no access to any Google services. I think the Western press is under reporting how badly Google Android and Google services are failing in the biggest mobile market. Most Chinese are downloading Android apps from small appstores and are using local email services. iOS on the other hand works beautifully and its marketshare is only growing with their new China Mobile deal.


via cdn.thedroidguy.com

Google still isn't addressing the biggest problem for its ecosystem; their ecosystem isn't being used on most new Android phones. Samsung, Amazon, and Xiaomi are showing that Android is not really Google's OS. Mountain View needs to find a way for OEMs in emerging markets to start including their services to a greater degree.