Gaming and the Surface Pro 3

So I'm really quite set on getting a Surface Pro 3 at some point, but I am just curious about how it handles gaming. Now obviously I am not expecting it to be a powerhouse machine or anything like that, and I am perfectly fine with not running games at "ultra" or anything like that (I have an Xbox One over an PS4, so power/resolution/fps really isn't as important to me as features). I just want to have a machine that can actually run some PC games, but bigger (might want to try LoL finally) and smaller titles and be capable (and Steam Sales are finally tempting). Does the Surface Pro 3 fit this? If I am interested in gaming with it in my free time, should I be looking at the 4GB or 8GB version (i5 model only), or is it really irrelevant as I'm not too concerned with the highest graphics and can play the more strenuous games on my Xbox One? Really new to the PC gaming scene if I do go through with my purchase so I'd like to check with people here. Thanks.