Personal hotspot disappeared from iOS 8 b2

Hi all!

Has anyone encountered an issue where Personal hotspot disappears from Settings in iOS 8 beta 2? It was there and I had used it, but yesterday, it just disappeared.

When I open Settings and go to Cellular, I can sometimes see the menu entry for Personal hotspot and a loading circle next to it, but it just keeps spinning and sometimes the entry becomes blue and says "Press here to set up Personal hotspot" and when I press it, it tells me to contact my carrier.

I have tried pretty much everything I could imagine: reset APN settings, reset network settings, reset everything and restore from iCloud backup, reset everything and set up as new, restore from iTunes, restore from iTunes and set up as new.

The only thing that helped was reverting back to iOS 7. So currently I'm just waiting for beta 3, but I just wanted to know, whether anyone else has also encountered (and maybe found a solution to) this issue?