Surface 3?

Now that the surface pro 3 has been released for a few days. Does anyone see interest in a surface 3? (not the pro version) Having owned the sp3 since launch its been nothing but a pleasure the extra screen real estate is exactly what it needed to make it a real tablet that could replace your laptop. My only gripe with the device so far is that it does not handle pressure well. On tasks that my sp2 would handle graciously (having 5+ tabs open as well as 2 instances of file browser, or playing league of legends) the sp3 hasn't been performing as well. Reports have shown that MS included heat throttling with the device which makes sense since the device can reach up to some pretty extreme temps when trying these tasks. Ive been spoiled by the sp2 in that it did everything I wanted it to do without issue. The performance power option was what made it possible and it sucks to see it go in the sp3, ive read that MS is planning to bring it back but no confirmation on that as of yet.

So my question to the tribe is if anyone would be interested in a surface 3 that ran RT and had slightly better battery life than the sp3 and obviously a reduced price tag.