Android discovery

Hello guys, I just got a samsung galaxy S5 from work, and I must admit I'm quite confused, and disappointed by the basic apps. I'm used to iOS, and having some basic things that bothers me a lot.

First, chrome. No swipe gestures, bookmarks not accessible in one click, and the worst for me "hitbox" detection. I'm forced to zoom a lot more than on my iPhone to be able to click on a link, and it doesn't function reliably. I sometimes must click two or three times for it to work.

Mail is bad too, a lot of mails must be unzoomed to be read. I need something that works normally, and as it is for work a good compatibility with exchange.

For music, I installed Google Music on my Mac, it's syncing right now, but the player on android sucks, album view and... That's it.

edit : forget what I said about this, I'm blind.

Then I tried to add swiftkey, and the permissions asked are just unacceptable to me, is there a good keyboard who doesn't have access to everything in my phone, record key presses and send them to a distant server ? Same thing when I tried to install flickr, access to my contacts ? Well fuck no man.

And please help me on parameters on the S5, I just can't find how to configure notifications, or change the way the lock screen is displayed, I'm totally lost I must admit, it seems totally random to me the way it's organized.

Thanks for any feedback, as it is I just hate the thing but I know I can adapt it to my needs, being android, just need some advices and directions.