Examples of ecosystem benefits needed!

I think many of the misunderstandings regarding the benefits of being in the Microsoft ecosystem can be cleared up if people gave concrete examples of their experience and how it helps them in their daily life. Here are a couple of mine. I hope others will be able to contribute theirs.

1. At work, while troubleshooting a problem I find a relevant blog entry. I highlight and copy the info, then paste it into a new page in the relevant section of my OneNote notebook for IT stuff. The page is automatically synched to my online notebook. The next time I hit a similar problem I open the notebook on my phone and do a search using a related term and it returns all the pages with that term (or partial term). I am creating my personal searchable KB database. Write once, available everywhere.

2. I take a picture with my phone and, if I have a WiFi connection, it is automatically uploaded to OneDrive at full resolution (I have the phone configured to always upload full res). I can then use the OneDrive app to copy/move the photo to a pre-configured "Public" folder on OneDrive and share it from there via an email link with two taps, to anybody - even if they have no Microsoft account.

These two scenarios work out of the box, no special configuration or third-party apps needed.

Anybody else have samples of ecosystem benefits?