Continuity and Handoff are missing pieces of iWatch puzzle

What is the biggest flaw with today's smart watches?: Lack of antennas in an attempt to save battery life. As a result, we get these parasitic devices that require constant nursing of your smart phone in order to make the watch work. For example, the Galaxy gear makes you change watch wallpapers from your phone. To quote Steve Jobs, if you need to pick up your iPhone to make your watch work "you have failed!"

Apple has gotten ahead of this problem, with continuity. They are essentially training their users to switch between iPhone iPad and iMac with a sort of continuous client concept. This makes the whole idea of sharing connections, data, and interface commonplace.

So when iWatch is announced, Apple won't even mention the specs of 4G LTE our Wi-Fi. They will simply say, iWatch works with all of your devices through the network of continuity. Furthermore, start dictating an email on your iWatch, walk over to your iPad or iMac, and start typing away through handoff.

Eventually battery tech will catch up and the iWatch will stand on its own two feet with connectivity. But at launch, continuity will disguise this problem in an Apple-like way essentially masking the parasitic tethering issue.