Surface Pro 3 first impression from a mac user/artist

Hi guys, I am at a Microsoft store trying out the surface pro 3 and I am so excited I just wanted to write down my first impression. This tablet is blowing my mind. Fair warning I am a big Apple fan so I am probably a bit biased, and I can only compare against apple products. I've used windows for a decade before switching to a mostly mac/Linux diet for the past 5 years.

The screen is really gorgeous. I recently tried painting on a Wacom pen display (the 22"? cintiq) and this screen blows it right out of water. It really does feel huge when I hold it in my hands, but now that I am typing on it it doesn't feel that big. Subjectively I think the colors are every bit as good as the MacBook retina. The resolution is really good too but the text doesn't look as crisp as on the rmbp for some reason. Oh ClearType is not turned on and I need admin privilege.

The pen feels pretty good if a bit laggy. I wouldn't say it's any worse than the cintiq but I can't say for sure. It makes fast sketching a little bit awkward. The default pressure curve requires that I press pretty hard on the screen to get the full spectrum of the pressure curve. I have to press so hard that I cause ripple on the screen. When I draw in pen mode in sketchbook express the pen does seem to make a lot of marks all over the place that I do not experience with an intuos on photoshop, but maybe it's a sketchbook thing? Had no problems with the pencil tool in sketchbook, but that thing draws so light I wouldn't notice if it did. Otherwise it's pretty nice. The pen click that pops up one note is really fast it's like magic. Even when I have a bunch of apps opened already, one note will pop up within a second. Oh this is the $999 version with the i5, 4gig ram, and 128gig ssd.

The trackpad is nice, I dare say almost as good as a MacBook's. It feels a bit softer, nicer on the finger tips actually, but I might be biased. My palm does keep triggering it when I type, so the cursor does jump here and there, and some how the side bar/multitask thing keeps coming up. I really like the extra keys this has, Home/End, pgUp pgDown, and the Del key! The ~ key is a bit small but that's not that big a deal on a windows.

Overall this pc feels very fast. And the thing that's really blowing my mind is how light this is. I love how the Microsoft store have no theft prevention cables that latches on the device. I can just pick this up, disconnect from the power cable, and lift the thing up. I can imagine myself watching movies in bed with this thing. It's so light.

Combine the form factor with the stylus and it's like heaven. Sure there are a few minor flaws here and there, but I can imagine sketching or doing plein air painting at the park or at a live drawing meetup.

If I didn't already spent so much money on a retina mbp/intuos setup, I would get this in a heartbeat. I've been drawing/surfing for almost 2 hours and it's only at 78% battery. Wow.