Material Design Took Time, And That's A Good Thing

I've spent a lot of time on Google's new Material Design site in the last few days, and I have to say, I'm impressed. I'm an art and design student with a big interest in UX design, and there's so many small touches that I think work great in both L and the overall guidelines. As I've been geeking out about all of this stuff, however, I've had one thought continually: Google really took their time on this.

Plenty of people have criticized Duarte, saying he hasn't been moving fast enough, that he's not accomplishing his job of "unifying design at Google", etc. But in my opinion, what some see as inaction has really just been careful dedication to getting things right. Material Design is obviously not something that's been thrown together, it doesn't feel rushed, it isn't sloppy. Overall, this feels like a reveal of something that both Duarte and the company as a whole have been spending a lot of time on for awhile, and they finally are ready to show it off. Since Duarte joined Google, we've seen plenty of experiments as the company questions how they can maintain Android's versatility while making it truly beautiful, and now it feels like they're more confident than they've ever been.

In my experience, good design requires hard work, countless iterations, and a willingness to question everything you think you know, all things Google seems to have done with Material Design. And honestly? Seeing Google embrace not just good design, but good design processes makes me extraordinarily excited for the future.