Post your Launch Center Pro setup

I've seen this app on numerous home screens here. So how do you guys make use of it? Are you using the new IFTTT integration? (I'm not yet :P)

Maybe we can inspire some people who have probably bought the app but haven't found a real use for it yet. :-)

Anyway, here's mine:


How Many Frames? - A Soulver document for calculating the number of frames in a given duration when using the default measurement of 24 frames per second

Taskpaper - My main TaskPaper file I keep in Editorial

QR - Self explanatory, a QR reader

New Event - Add event to Fantastical

New Reminder - Add reminder to Fantastical

iTunes Password - It gets copied to my clipboard when I click on it

Monthly Deposit - So I can copy and paste it onto my finance app every month

Monthly Payments - Equation to determine how much I have left over after spending monies

Lightbox - Shots taken in Camera+ (it opens to the camera view first otherwise)

Upload Text - Upload whatever text to CloudApp using Cloudie

Upload Image - Upload a photo to CloudApp using Cloudie

Upload Video - Upload a video to CloudApp using Cloudie

Send Message - A group of actions for sending messages to my family

Radio - Shortcuts to my radio stations in Radium

Misc - I don't have anything in here yet, heh.