Why Does Google Hate Microsoft?

I understand rivalry and competition. But the extent that Google goes out of its way to be condescending to Microsoft and its users is beyond my understanding. For example, if you run IE 8 and go to gmail, you will get a message stating that it isn't a modern browser and prompts you to download Chrome, but if you ignore it, Gmail opens just fine.

On Windows Phone, if you go to Gmail in the browser, you get some experience that looks like you are using a cellphone from 2000. Obviously this is being done on purpose.

At Google I/O they refused to mention that Office is from Microsoft. They must have drilled this into every presenter not to say Microsoft.

Google doesn't make any apps for Windows Phone or Windows 8, however they support desktop apps.

What did Microsoft do to Google, better yet, what did Microsoft users do to Google to warrant this pretentiousness?

Isn't this hurting Google?